Well Hydrofracturing and Rehabilitation

Is your Water Well running dry on regular basis and not providing enough water for your home.?
We have the solution to this problem, with Hydrofracturing we have the potential to take a completely dry well and sometimes make it produce water upwards of 10GPM (Gallons per minute).

Hydrofracturing is a common process in the Water Well Industry with a 99% success rate.
This process consists of lowering a hydraulic packer inside the well to various depths and then pumping water into the well at pressures up to 3000PSI.
By doing this we are forcing water through the fractures and cracks in the bedrock to push small rocks and debris out of the flow path of incoming water.
This practice is commonly the most efficient and cost effective to reproduce water depending on well depth.

If you are having problems with a dry well give us a call anytime to discuss what we can do to help you.

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